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Established in 1982 by Malcolm Parton, Maritime Marine has become a leading full service marine electrical company, specializing in switchboard installation and automation, shore power converters, as well as design, troubleshooting and repair of other types of electrical systems. We are one of the largest authorized Atlas Marine Systems dealers of yacht power supply systems in the world. We offer rentals of converters up to 240 KVA, and are experts at super yacht electrical and corrosion surveys. Maritime Marine is an Official Technicold Dealer and provides air conditioning and refrigeration services.

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Since the 80’s the entire marine industry has changed. A 100 ft Broward was considered a super yacht and had very simple electrical systems. There were many sailboats and smaller boats in between. Now the industry has evolved into larger yachts with very complex electrical systems. Many larger yachts travel to the Mediterranean for the summer and to the Caribbean for the winter. Because they are at the mercy of different power sources, they require shore power converters.
Then, so as not to interrupt the guest’s favorite TV show, nor to disrupt the ships electronics, there became a demand for “seamless” transfer between power sources. Thus, the automated switchboard evolved with Atlas Marine becoming a leader in this field, along with their power converters.
As this industry grew, I was able to narrow my business model to mostly switchboards, converters and other electrical systems. Malcolm considers himself fortunate to hire a brilliant technician, Frank Hernandez, in 2002. He has transformed the company into a high tech power management systems company.  He loves the challenge of problem solving and designing management systems from the ground up.


Malcolm formed Maritime Marine in 1982 as a general marine service company, working as a one man show from a small warehouse off Miami Road. At that time, he was the fixer and installer of everything on a vessel, including engines, generators, air conditioners, fabricating built-in refrigerators/freezers for sailboats and later became a Westerbeke generator dealer.
Many of these trades were self-taught after having lived in the Bahamas for 14 years at Pipe Cay and Staniel Cay. In the 60’s and 70’s living on the islands, there was no one to call, so he had to figure it out and fix it himself. This included the local generators, ship shore telephones, outboard motors, electrical systems and everything in between. As a pilot he flew to many of the other island on repair missions, some humanitarian and search and rescue.
Malcolm served a 5 year electronics apprenticeship with British Aircraft Corporation in their guided missile division. After completing that chapter of his life, he was determined to travel. So, his next gig was with Decca Navigation Co, which provided navigation systems around the world. Those travels took him to Iran, Abu-Dubai and Pipe Cay, Exumas.
Today, Malcom is known as a legend in his field, also dubbed “best electrical surveyor in the world, not to mention “one of the best teachers,” as recognized by his employees.


Because we operate as an employee friendly business, the majority of our technicians are long term employees. Malcolm wants his employees to be part of a positive, challenging environment and not dread coming to work every day. He encourages his employees to invest in themselves and learn as much as possible about the industry. Above all, he wants the job done right or not at all. In addition to being ABYC certified electricians, the technicians are also Atlas certified. “We train everybody to our standards and encourage them to be the best in the industry. Sloppy workmanship is not acceptable.
Do we want to get bigger as is the normal philosophy? Bigger is not always better, if we have to sacrifice quality and lose that personal touch with our employees and customers. I consider myself a happy camper with the staff I am fortunate to have.” – Malcolm Parton


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