Marine electrical and corrosion surveys are instrumental to maintaining the safety of your super yacht, integrity of your electrical system and meeting Class standards. Our ABYC Certified technicians, backed by years of knowledge and experience, can troubleshoot and pinpoint specific issues. They will test for various conditions, corrosion and fire hazards and provide you with a comprehensive report, including items that need to be addressed, as well as recommendations where necessary.
Since we service a great deal of Classed vessels, we understand how important it is to maintain the Class wire schedule installed. Invariably we will find that boat cable has been installed instead of Class cable by sub-contractors unaware of the difference. It should be the responsibility of the engineer to monitor that these rules are being observed.
Most of our electrical surveys are for pre-purchase of a vessel, which we perform in conjunction with the main hull survey team.  A buyer wants to know the existing issues before purchasing a vessel, since upgrading electrical systems can be very expensive or there could be safety concerns.


Another survey area we excel in is corrosion surveys. This is a subject which has many different legs and sometimes requires detective work.
Whether you need an electrical or corrosion survey, Maritime Marine is ready to help you identify any issues that may arise on your super yacht.


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