Switchboards and Power Management
Ratings 40kW – 1500kW 40kW – 500kW
Voltage 208V – 480V 208V – 400V
Phase 1 or 3 1 or 3
Marine Classifications All All
Floor Mount Enclosure
Bulkhead Mount Enclosure
Seamless Transfer
Power Management
Split Bus
Plugin Source Breakers
Emergency Switchboard
Motor Controls
Remote Touchscreen

Blue: standard
Green: optional

The TecPOWER® TPB Series power management system provides breakthrough technology for marine electrical systems. Now, Atlas Marine Systems has made the Automated Power Management capability usually found on vessels 120’ and above available to smaller vessels with limited space. Technology advancements in control components have allowed full power management controls to be placed in the same size enclosure as a manual switchboard. This results in a giant leap forward bringing smaller yachts in line with larger yachts.
Sophisticated Power Management
The TecPOWER TPB system is available with various degrees of automation and power management. Motor operated circuit breakers enable push-button or touch screen selection of power sources.  Many other features can be integrated to create a total power management system such as automatic generator engine control and paralleling.
Easy To Use
Designed with ergonomics and ease of operation in mind, the TecPOWER TPB system is very user-friendly and simple to operate, even for an inexperienced crew member. All metering and controls are easy to view, and easy to understand.  Independent meter groups are provided allowing separate monitoring of each power source.
Custom Design
Each AC and DC TecPOWER switchboard is designed to your requirements by our highly experienced marine electrical engineers. They will work with you to ensure the TecPOWER TPB switchboard will have the level automation that your yacht needs as well as being certified for the classification society of your choice. Any special requirements can be accommodated and the switchboards are available in a variety of cabinet sizes suitable for any yacht arrangement.
TecPOWER switchboards can be designed to meet all marine classification agency requirements including ABS, Lloyd’s, DNV, RINA and BV. The certification is taken care of by our engineers and the switchboard is supplied with a complete set of stamped drawings.
Compact and Lightweight
Designed from the ground up, based on years of marine experience, the TecPOWER switchboard enclosures are built of light-weight corrosion resistant material and are designed to minimize size and weight when compared to the typical switchboard design.


A comprehensive list of options and upgrades allows TecPOWER to be the ultimate and innovative switchboard solution for your yacht. The options indicated below with a * are supplied as standard.


  • Single* or split bus from 100A to 400A.
  • Any worldwide voltage available.
  • Din-rail* distribution breakers.
  • Custom enclosure sizes.
  • Hot swap breakers.


  • Load shedding of non-essential loads during peak loading periods.
  • Automatic start and parallel of standby generator during peak loading periods.
  • Automatic start and transfer when the marine shore power supply fails or is overloaded.
  • Automatically start and transfer if the generator online has an alarm.
  • Automatically start and connect of a generator if a dead bus is detected.
  • Seamless transfer between all power sources.
  • Automatic generator rotation based on service hours.


  • Electrical interlock of all source breakers*.
  • Multiple levels of control providing redundancy.
  • Reverse power protection.
  • Ground fault monitoring and alarm.
  • Generator pre-alarm and alarm interface.
  • Voltage and current out of range monitoring.
  • Built in diagnostic system.


  • Large color touchscreen with intuitive screens and operation.
  • Intuitive multi-level push button control with power available lights*.
  • Analog* and digital metering.
  • Remote touchscreen and monitoring.
  • Interior lighting.
  • No control fuses*.
  • Glazed doors held open with stays*.
  • Handrails on front of switchboard*.


  • Long lasting powder coated cabinets*.
  • Plated copper bus throughout*.


  • Main DC Switchboard.
  • Motor Control Center.
  • Emergency Generator switchboard.
  • Night Generator switchboard.