AutoSHORE 12

Input Type 1 Phase
Voltage 187 to 264 Volts
Frequency 45 to 66 Hz
Shore Cords Single
Power Factor ≥ 0.95
Output Power Ratings 1 Phase: 12 kVA
Frequency 45 to 66 Hz
Overload 110% for 1 hours
150% for 1 minute
200% for 6 seconds
Environment Protection Over/Under Voltage, Short Circuit, Over Load and Over Temperature
Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C
Humidity 0% to 95%, Non-Condensing
Enclosure IP24 (Optional IP55)

The AutoSHORE does not convert frequency but instead conditions and regulates the dock voltage. The voltage provided to the yacht from the dock pedestal can vary greatly throughout the day due to the load demands of other yachts on the same quay. At peak times this change could be as much as 20%. This fluctuation in voltage can cause damage to onboard electrical distribution equipment such as pumps, air-conditioning compressors and marine electronic equipment resulting in expensive repair costs. Installing an AutoSHORE onboard protects the yacht’s equipment from damage.
Stable Power
The AutoSHORE 12 protects the vessel by regulating the voltage from the dock, preventing any dock fluctuations from reaching the onboard loads. The unit is fully automatic and is microprocessor controlled, continually monitoring the dock voltage.  If a large fall in voltage occurs the system will automatically disconnect the output to protect the yacht.
Advanced Power Design
The ShorPOWER AutoSHORE power conditioner utilizes state-of-the-art technology including the latest in power semiconductors and grain oriented transformer technology, all controlled by a high speed digital control system.
Reliable Power
The onboard guests do not want to be aggravated by flickering lights, black-outs and generator starts caused by fluctuations in the marina shore power. Regardless of the dock power supply quality the AutoSHORE 12 will always produce stable and reliable power. This reliability is achieved by manufacturing the converter using only the highest quality components and by engineering the converter for actual marine use.
Marine Engineered
Designed from the ground up, based on years of marine experience, the converter supplied in a lightweight aluminum enclosure, is engineered to operate in the worst marine conditions such as high ambient temperature and humidity.

  • Automatically connects to any worldwide marina power.
  • Works with any RCD /GFCI circuit breaker


  • Connects to high voltage as well as low voltage.
  • Reduced current at start up prevents nuisance trip of marina breaker.


  • Provides protection against marina voltage transients.
  • Regulated output voltage.
  • Generous overload capability so no need to start generator during peak times.


  • State of the art power semiconductors and grain oriented transformers.
  • Extensive protection and diagnostic system.


  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Will automatically start as soon as power is plugged in.
  • Unit can be controlled and monitored switch and status LEDs.


  • Remote control and monitoring via Modbus.